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Sep 9, 2021 | WAA Member News |

Colonel Ray Henry already operates a highly successful business in IRAY Auctions. However, a couple of years ago he had a vision for the future that would give freedom and independence back to business owners, many of whom had surrendered their company’s data to big corporations.

After years of hard work, a great deal of ingenuity and an intense amount of planning and testing, B.R.A.D. Software was born.

“I knew the value of data,” says Ray, who brought his son, Troy, on board to serve as the company’s President. “I saw what the big corporations were doing with other people’s data and I knew it was time to give business owners their freedom back.”

B.R.A.D. stands for Business Resource Access Database and it is an extremely affordable business solution that allows any business to have the same capabilities as a Fortune 500 company.

“It’s really an all-encompassing solution that is turn-key for the business owner,” says Troy, who notes since IRAY started beta testing the software it has logged over four million hits on its site. “It serves as your company database, but there’s more integration and as more data is entered into the system, it becomes more and more interactive.”

Auctions and More

The software started as a way for Ray to gain independence for his auction company, but it quickly showed adaptability and relevance across multiple platforms.  

With businesses facing staffing shortages and needing flexibility, B.R.A.D.’s power became apparent in a short amount of time.

“We feel the entire world is our ideal customer,” says Ray, who employs four programmers who have perfected the system. “By allowing each customer to store their own data, we are really giving people their freedom back and allowing them to manage their own company.”

The Henrys say that the COVID-19 pandemic was actually a boon to their new business venture, as the flexibility of the program has allowed companies to be much more efficient and mobile. Now, owners are able to manage their business from their smart phone while allowing full access to every aspect of the company. From inventory and reports to a full set of analytics, B.R.A.D. is able to bring forward all of a business’s data, contacts and inventory at the click of a button. It has also greatly reduced the need for travel for the businesses that utilize its many features.

“The large corporations were controlling all of the data and running mom and pop companies out of business,” says Ray. “The CRM industry will be over $44 billion by 2027 and our system will allow every business to compete on a level playing field.”

Scaled Capabilities

Troy points out that one of the unique features of the software is its ability to be customized for each business because the owner of the company retains all of his or her data.  

“The platform will really bring streaming capabilities to the forefront, and it will allow every individual the same opportunity to move forward and integrate their own tools for success,” Troy says. “Because they will own and store their own data, it allows the owner to make a distinction for their business and still use the features of B.R.A.D. to accelerate the growth of their company.”

Because the system itself has built in processes for businesses to gain Google verification, even smaller companies can get noticed on the web without having to pay expensive royalties to “come to the top” of internet searches.

“The specificity with B.R.A.D. is much higher for companies and the owner can manage all aspects of the business without having to leave their domain – this makes it extremely high security,” adds Troy.

The Future

The Henrys continue to work at a feverish pace to develop their business, but they are also careful to make sure they are doing things right the first time. This includes an incredible amount of testing to ensure that the capabilities of B.R.A.D. are robust, but also secure and easy to use.

“Unfortunately, there are people out there that are malicious and they want to steal data and breach into company systems,” says Ray, who notes that his four programmers are also part-owners in the company and therefore fully vested in its success. “We haven’t grown as fast as we could have because we want to take our time and be sure we are doing things right.”

For now, they are concentrating on the recruitment of individuals who have the relationships and knowledge to transform entire industries.

“The people I have pulled together for this team fit together so well,” says Ray. “They all have the same burning desire to deliver the best experience for the business owner.”

For more information on B.R.A.D Software, visit their website, Brad.Software.

Source: Patriot News MN

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We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for our Day on the Hill! 

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for our Day on the Hill! 

Wisconsin eliminates personal property tax effective January 1, 2024

Wisconsin eliminates personal property tax effective January 1, 2024

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Larry Harb

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