NAA Volunteer Help Needed

Jun 22, 2023 | NAA Events, NAA News

Thank you for volunteering to monitor our great education sessions this year! As an education monitor, you will be responsible for: 

  • Getting to the session room ten minutes before the session starts to meet the presenter and prepare. Be sure to check the session binder for any instructions before the session starts.
  • Introduce the presenter(s) (use the C&S app). If there, you will read that; if not, you will just say the name of the presenter and the session. Alternatively you can give them the option of introducing themselves if they so wish.
  • Help manage the in-room microphone for audience questions 
  • Thank the speaker(s) for presenting at C&S at the end of their session.
  • While the session is going on you will take a quick headcount and then write any comments with feedback or questions at the end on the form in the binder provided!

Any session listed below that doesn’t have a monitor name typed in the far right box still needs a monitor!

On the following pages below are lists of all of our sessions for each day during C&S! Please look over the lists and type your name in the far right box next to the session you wish to monitor. If something comes up and you decide you cannot monitor this session, please remove your name from this document and let us know by emailing asap!

Please note: Once C&S begins, this document will not be monitored and if you cannot attend your assigned session please send us an email at at least TWO hours before (if possible) and/or find your own replacement and let us know who it is!

Our MANDATORY Monitor Training will be held VIRTUALLY on Wednesday, July 12th from 11-11:30 am, CENTRAL time zone.

Here is the link to register:

The recorded monitor training will be available for on-demand viewing after, if you can’t make the live meeting on the day, but you MUST view the training video before monitoring the session!

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Community of PracticeSessionTime/LocationRoom Monitor (add your name in this column)
Tech ByteTech Byte–Building Your Brand: What Is Your Value Proposition?Speaker: Tess Vismale9 AM – 9:30 AMFive Moons 1Daren Anderson
SponsorTrade Show Sponsor PresentationSpeaker: TBA10 AM – 10:45Five Moons 1
General InterestShifting Generational Markets in Real Estate, Personal property, Business liquidation Ted-Talk Style PresentationsSpeakers: Becky Tarlton, Anne Nouri, CAI, AARE, BAS, GPPA, Bryce Hansen, CAI, Kari ChanceDiscussion Moderator: Shane McCarrell, CES10 AM – 12 PMAutomobile Alley A-B
Marketing & ManagementDesigning Content and Advertising ItSpeaker: Christian Gould10 AM – 12 PMAutomobile Alley CBen Grafe
General Interest“Started From the Bottom Now We Here!”— Build Value From Scratch  Speaker: Dan Newman, AMM, BAS10 AM – 12 PMPinonCarol Miller
SponsorTrade Show Sponsor PresentationSpeaker: TBA12 PM – 12:45 PMFive Moons 1
Benefit AuctionRecession-Proofing Your BA BusinessSpeaker: Scott Robertson, CAI, BAS3 PM – 3:45 PMPinonCarol Miller
General InterestNAA Advocacy Initiatives Q&ASpeaker: Jay Cash, BAS, CES and  Wade C. Baer, CAI, AMM3 PM – 4 PMFive Moons 1
General InterestFour Steps to Vetting a Third-Party VendorSpeaker: John Kennedy3:15 PM – 4:15 PMAutomobile Alley A-B
Marketing & ManagementBuilding a Memorable Brand That Will Lead to Results! Speaker: Hope Buckner3:15 PM – 4:15 PMAutomobile Alley CSara Bytnar
Benefit AuctionUsing Data, Trends, and Analytics to Make a DifferenceSpeaker: Kristine Fladeboe4 PM – 4:45 PMPinonCarol Miller

↓ Thursday & Friday sessions ↓

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Community of PracticeSessionTime/LocationRoom Monitor (add your name in this column)
Tech ByteTech Byte–Level up Your LinkedIn Game with Killer Social Selling StrategiesSpeaker Tess Vismale10:30 AM  – 11 AMFive Moons 1Daren Anderson
Contract AuctioneeringChat with the IAC ChampsSpeakers: Chantel Kimball and Jerick Miller11:30 AM – 12:30 PMFive Moons 1
Tech Byte5 Productivity Apps You Can’t Live WithoutSpeaker: Tess Vismale1 PM – 1:30 PMFive Moons 1
General InterestCharting New Waters with “Blue Ocean” TechniquesSpeakers: Jackie Musser, David Whitaker, Chris RasmusModerator: Stephen LaRaviere1 PM – 2 PMAutomobile Alley A-B
Marketing & ManagementArtificial Intelligence:A Mastermind DebateModerators: John Schultz and Mike Brandly1 PM – 2 PMAutomobile Alley CMarcy Pompei
Contract AuctioneeringHave Gavel, Will Travel: Legal Basics for the Contract AuctioneerSpeaker: Addison Russell1 PM – 2:30 PMPinon
SponsorTrade Show Sponsor PresentationSpeaker: TBA2 PM – 2:45 PMFive Moons 1
Marketing & ManagementUnleash the Power of Video Marketing for Your BusinessSpeaker: Erin Kienzle2:30 PM – 4:30 PMAutomobile Alley A-B
Real EstateRealtors & Auctioneers: We’re on the Same Team!Speakers: Jay Cash and Candy Joyce2:30 PM – 4:30 PMAutomobile Alley CElizabeth Swicegood
Contract AuctioneeringRecreate Yourself as a High Demand Auction ProSpeakers: Laura Mantle and Trey Morris3 PM – 4:30 PMPinon
SponsorTrade Show Sponsor PresentationSpeaker: TBA3:30 PM – 4:15 PMFive Moons 1
Tech ByteHarness the Power of Media: Enhancing Your Professional BrandSpeaker: Tess Vismale4:30 PM – 5 PMFive Moons 1Daren Anderson

↓ Friday sessions ↓

Friday July 21, 2023

Community of PracticeSessionTime/LocationRoom Monitor (add your name in this column)
Personal & Commercial AssetsBidders Pouring In: The Power of Multiple PlatformsSpeaker: Loren Beachy9 AM – 9:30 AMFive Moons 1
Marketing & ManagementHave Guns; Will Sell – Navigating Today’s Firearm Markets Speaker: Richard Branch9 AM – 9:45 AMAutomobile Alley A-B
Real EstateReal Estate Mastermind DiscussionModerators: Elizabeth Swicegood, Jason Winter9 AM – 10:30 AMAutomobile Alley CMarcy Pompei
Tech Byte7 New Habits to Effective Team CollaborationSpeaker: Tess Vismale10 AM – 10:30 AMFive Moons 1
General InterestWorking From Home: How to Manage a Satellite Team – Mastermind DiscussionModerators: Sam Obitz, Erik Rasmus, Patrick Rasmus10:15 AM – 11 AMAutomobile Alley A-B
Tech ByteTech Byte–Building Your Online PresenceSpeaker: Tess Vismale11 AM – 11:30 AMFive Moons 1Daren Anderson
Personal & Commercial AssetsPersonal & Commercial Asset Mastermind DiscussionSpeaker: Jason Deel,11 AM – 12:30 PMAutomobile Alley C
General InterestYou Can Do Anything…You Just Can’t Do EverythingSpeaker: Jarrod Hines12 PM – 12:30 PMFive Moons 1
Real EstateReal Estate Sellers: How to Connect, Convince, and Close the Deal!Speakers: Josh Puffenbarger and Tony Wilson12 PM – 12:45 PMAutomobile Alley A-BElizabeth Swicegood
Tech ByteTech Byte–6 Inbox Management HacksSpeaker: Tess Vismale1 PM – 1:30 PMFive Moons 1
Personal & Commercial AssetsAlways Be ProspectingSpeaker: Mike Fisher1:15 PM – 2:00 PMAutomobile Alley A-BMarcy Pompei
Marketing & ManagementMarketing Management Mastermind DiscussionSpeakers: Ben Grafe and Billie Jo Schultz1:30 PM – 3 PMAutomobile Alley C
Tech ByteActivating Your Community: Mastering Influence on LinkedInSpeaker: Tess Vismale2 PM – 2:30 PMFive Moons 1
Personal & Commercial AssetsCreating a Standard Operating Procedure for Your BusinessSpeaker Jack Christy Jr.2:30 PM – 3:15 PMAutomobile Alley A-B
Tech ByteCut through the Noise: Content Curation to Create EngagementSpeaker: Tess Vismale3 PM – 3:30 PMFive Moons 1

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Conference Speaker: Rich Schur

Conference Speaker: Rich Schur

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for our Day on the Hill! 

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for our Day on the Hill! 

Wisconsin eliminates personal property tax effective January 1, 2024

Wisconsin eliminates personal property tax effective January 1, 2024

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