John D. Boehm Obituary

May 27, 2023 | Obituaries, WAA Member News |

WAA Member Lake Boehm’s father passed away.

John “Uncle Boss” Boehm was born June 29, 1970, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to the delight of John and Darlene Boehm and died peacefully surrounded by his family in the early afternoon hours of Saturday, May 27, 2023. He was 52 years old. Our world will never be the same.

John was married to the love of his life, Jenifer “Boots” Helms on March 9, 1991. John and Jen welcomed their son Lake into this life and their hearts May 2, 1995. This past October, Lake married Emilie Nelson much to John’s delight. He often expressed how he could not have imagined a more perfect woman than Emilie for his son.

John was a talented entrepreneur and consummate businessman from the time he was 6 years old. John made money to buy school clothes and his amazing Schwinn Stingray by selling worms harvested from his yard and sold by the dozen in partnership with his sisters in Wisconsin. His talent and ability for business ultimately culminated in owning and growing Boehm Trucking.

John was a real friend to anyone who knew him, but the absolute best friend to his family, in particular his Dad and son Lake. He rose to every occasion and willingly stepped into the gap. To innumerate the magnitude of ways we will miss him is impossible; his legendary sense of humor, the wit with which he could see through everything that happened around him, the endearing nicknames he gave to all those he loved, the daily conversations, the way he understood the struggle of the human condition, good food, the little birds that would come to the feeder, turkey season, the pure joy he had watching his son and daughter-in-law start their lives together, the way he encouraged and guided his only son – always putting Lake above himself, the little notes he would leave his wife Jenifer in the kitchen when he left for work early in the morning, the endless comical video links, and a love and support unparalleled for his nieces and nephews.

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