The Wisconsin Auctioneer Championship will start with a preliminary round at our annual conference. The event will be held on Sunday evening following the Novice Contest. The Wisconsin Auctioneers Association encourages all members to join us for the prelims as either a contestant or part of a supportive audience. Registration is open to all members.



  1. The contest shall be limited to the first 20 entries received. Entries received after the limit is reached will be returned. If the limit is not reached, additional entrants may be at the call of the committee.
  2. There shall be one division combined for men and women.
  3. Contestants shall be 18 years of age or older, paid members of the Wisconsin Auctioneers Association Inc. and hold a current auction license in the State of Wisconsin.
  4. Entries must be received at the WAA office seven (7) days prior to the contest. Email entries will be accepted. Payment can accompany the entry, be charged to a credit card by phone, or paid the day of the contest if the entry has been received previously. All entries will be date stamped when received. In case of cancellations, substitutions will be at the call of the committee.
  5. A confirmation letter will be sent to each contestant, along with copies of the score sheets, admission ticket, parking pass and map.
  6. There will be five judges, four must be involved in the auction industry (including one from the WAA Hall of Fame) and one may be from the private sector. Champions from surrounding states shall be given first consideration.
  7. The selection of the judges will be the responsibility of the contest committee.
  8. Workers, scorekeepers, clerk and cashier shall be appointed by the committee chair.
  9. The emcee shall be chosen by the committee chair.
  10. The scoring system used by NAA for the International Auctioneer Championship Contest will be used with the interview counting for 40% of the total.
  11. Contest rules shall be reviewed with the contestants as a group.
  12. Scorekeepers will tally and total the scorecards.
  13. Announcements the day of the contest will take precedence over printed material.
  14. The committee chair shall draw numbers to determine the order of appearance in the preliminary competition. Contestants absent shall compete last. A separate drawing by the contest chairperson will determine the order in which the contestants participate in the finals.
  15. The sound system shall be preset and not adjusted during the contest but each contestant will have an opportunity to test the microphone prior to the start of the contest.
  16. Contestants shall state only; their name, city, contestant number, and sponsors, if any. Any reference of a commercial nature for the individual auctioneer shall be cause for reduction of score.
  17. Finalists will participate in an interview immediately prior to selling their items. Questions shall be composed by the Contest Committee, drawn by contestants at random, and asked by the emcee.
  18. The questions shall not be shared with the contestants prior to the interviews. The contestant will be allowed two minutes to answer after the question has been read. The contestant may ask to have the question repeated one time.
  19. Contestants shall be provided with and sell two consecutive items, each with an approximate minimum value of $50. In the finals the contestant will sell two consecutive items immediately
    after answering the two questions. Proceeds from the sale of items will go to WAA to he used at its discretion. A 10% Buyer’s Fee will be charged and donated to the Children’s Miracle Network.
  20. Ringmen will include the finalists from the most recent Ringmen Contest.
  21. Preliminary scores will determine who advances to the finals. The low score shall not be included.
  22. The number of finalists shall be based on the following sliding scale:
    A. 10 or fewer contestants = Five finalists
    B. 11 to 20 contestants = Six finalists
  23. Final scores are determined by combining the interview score with the bid-calling final scores, the lowest of which will be thrown out.
  24. If a tie score occurs in the preliminary portion of the competition, scores will be recalculated to include the contestant’s low score. In the event there is still a tie, the contestant with the highest score in the Chant/Voice category will be selected. The scores from the preliminaries will be used as the tie-breaker in the finals.
  25. The following prizes will be awarded:
    A. CHAMPION: $400 cash, a championship ring, winner’s plaque, following year’s WAA
    dues, one registration for WAA Conference and Show. The winner will represent WAA and have the entry fee paid for the next International Auctioneer Championship Contest at the NAA Conference and Show.
    B. RESERVE CHAMPION: $250 cash, winner’s plaque, following year’s WAA dues, one
    registration for WAA Conference and Show.
    C. FIRST RUNNER-UP: $150 cash, winner’s plaque, following year’s WAA dues.
  26. Contestants shall not be given the exact order of finish. However, copies of the scorecards will be sent within one month after the contest.
  27. The winners shall be referred to as “John or Jane Doe, 20– Champion Wisconsin Auctioneer.”
  28. The champion agrees to make two promotional appearances (television, radio, or newspaper interviews, conference speaker/panelist/discussion leader) on behalf of Wisconsin Auctioneers Association.
  29. Committee members shall not participate in the contest in the year in which they serve.
  30. The committee chair shall address, as needed, any and all errors or omissions regarding rules and regulations of the contest. The decision of the committee chair shall be final and binding at the time a decision is made and shall apply to all contestants.

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