Media Contest

Let’s face it, auctioneers are professional marketers. How you present yourself to the public can make all the difference in your business. The WAA Marketing Competition is the ultimate contest for WAA Members to exhibit their marketing efforts from the past year. The competition will include Photography, Digital (website, social media, etc), Print (advertisement, catalog, etc) and Promo Item (hat, mug, etc).

  1. Entrants must be paid, current WAA members and hold current licensees.
  2. Categories are:
    1. Photography
    2. Digital (website, social media, video, etc.) Bring your own computer to set up
    3. Print (Advertisement, Catalog, etc.)
    4. Promotional Item (Hat, Mug, Keychain, etc.)
  3. Awards will be given in each category.
  4. Each submission must have a completed entry form, as well as the $10 per entry fee.
  5. The same item may be entered in multiple categories; however, an entry form and entry fee must be submitted for each category.
  6. All entries must contain either the WAA logo or a statement indicating the entrant is a WAA member.
  7. No previous award-winning entry may be submitted.
  8. Entries must be for auctions occurring since the last winter conference.
  9. Entries must be mailed or turned in by 9:00 a.m. on Monday of convention.
  10. The Advertising Contest Committee will be responsible for organizing the contest, securing the judges and presenting the awards. 
    1. Three judges shall be chosen from the vendors; judges’ decisions will be final.
  11. First and second place may, at the judges’ discretion, be awarded if they feel the number of quality entries justifies it.
  12. All entries will be on display by 10:30 a.m., Monday, of the convention.

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