By Karen Aguilar

When bidding came to a close at Phillips Auction House in London, a painting by a Chattanooga native who goes by the name “Genesis the Greykid” sold for $87,000.

“A big blessing, it was wonderful,” said Genesis.

He said his inspiration for the painting titled “Computer Love” was fueled by how people digitally communicated with one another during the pandemic.

“Dates over the phone, a lot of people trying to communicate with their parents, FaceTime, over Zoom, Bible meetings online,” he said. “It was a different way to express love.”

It is part of his larger diamond collection with actual diamonds in the paintings.

The first piece in the series was named “There was a Time.”

Genesis said “Computer Love” contained around 100 diamonds, and his website indicates they are dusted all over this work of art.

“That was the largest amount ($87,000) that one of my pieces sold for,” he said in reference to “Computer Love.”

Genesis the Greykid’s passion for art started when he was in middle school, and progressed from there, he said. 

“For me, it’s kind of a healing thing and in some way, it heals whoever may be moved by it,” he said.

Genesis said he recently finished two other pieces in his diamond collection.

They are available for purchase at his studio at this time.