Ringman Contest Rules


            To enhance the ability to sell real and personal property by the auction method of marketing,

            To emphasize the importance of professionalism by Ringmen,

            To set personal goals of improvement.


            First Place:  State Champion will receive championship ring with a value up to $250, any  additional costs for ring will be paid by winner.

Entry Fees:

            Advance $20 entry fee/contestant.  All contestants must be registered within 2 hours prior  to competition.

Criteria for Contestants:

            Must be a current member of Wisconsin Auctioneers Association

Three to five judges will be selected by the committee no less than 10 days prior to contest.  They may be members of WAA but do not have to be auctioneers.  Judges will be notified and will receive the rules and the judging criteria prior to the contest. 

One (1) to two (2) guest Auctioneers selected by the committee may rotate and do all the bid calling for the contestant.  The Auctioneers shall be advised not to take any bids during the contest.  The ringmen shall control the bidding and use clear and defined commands to communicate with the Auctioneer.

Criteria Used by Judges in Scoring:

Judges will evaluate contestants in five categories, listed below:

            Judges will score contestants in each category on a range of 1-10 points;

            Judges will score based on the judges being a customer at an auction where the ringman is working.


1. Introduction:  Ringmen will introduce him/herself; give contestant number and introduce the Auctioneer.

2. Body language, hand gestures, surveys crowd.

3. Salesmanship encourages the audience to bid.

4. Communicates with auctioneer and buyer.

5. Judge desires to have ringman worth for them.

            a. Contestant should not be disqualified for forgetting any of the judging criteria, only penalized.

            b. Score sheets will be retrieved by the contest committee and tallied by the committee.

            c. The low score shall be considered only to break a tie.

            d. The committee shall determine the number of items depending on the number of  contestants.


Deadline to enter all divisions of the contest will be two hours prior to the start of the contest.  All contestants will meet 30 minutes prior to the contest to draw for order of selling and instructions. The Champions Ringman will be announced following the contest.  Score sheets will be mailed to contestants after the Winter Convention.

The Champion Ringman will be asked to volunteer Ringmen services for the annual WI State Champion Auctioneer Contest at both the WI State Fair Park Finals and the following WAA State Convention. (Only if they are not a contestant in the Champion Auctioneer Contest themselves.)