Written By:
Natalie Pratt | Wisconsin Auctioneers Association

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The United States Secret Service will be
conducting a comprehensive workshop about counterfeit money in Wisconsin and how to recognize it at our August 3rd Summer Conference in the Wisconsin Dells. They will also share information about the specific types of counterfeit crimes they are seeing the most of in Wisconsin and tell you what to do if you suspect counterfeit money.

Did you know that you can NOT rely on those black counterfeit pens? Counterfeiters are bleaching their counterfeit money so when you use one of those counterfeit pens it shows the money as "authentic" when it's not. They have also been seeing an influx of Chinese counterfeit money in the state that looks like the U.S. dollar. Get your information straight from the source!

In addition to counterfeiting, they will also share information about the latest trends in Wisconsin for credit and debit card fraud and red flags to watch out for. Learn first hand, from the investigators themselves, exactly what types of crimes are being investigated in the state.

They had us block off plenty of time for questions so if you have any real life experiences, scenarios, or questions that you want to ask the Secret Service about, they will be happy to answer your questions! 

Get the inside scoop on Wisconsin Financial Crimes directly from the Investigators in the Secret Service!

The threat of counterfeit U.S. currency to the financial system of the United States has grown in recent years. Advances in technology, the availability of scanning and printing devices and the adoption of the U.S. dollar by nations as their legal tender have exacerbated the threat. To counter these threats, the Secret Service focuses on strategic international investigations targeting counterfeiters and their distribution networks. The agency has also initiated a comprehensive international forensic counterfeit detection training program for bankers and law enforcement officers overseas.

The United States Secret Service is a federal law enforcement agency with headquarters in Washington, D.C., and more than 150 offices throughout the United States and abroad. Established in 1865 solely to suppress the counterfeiting of U.S. currency, today the Secret Service is mandated by Congress to carry out the integrated missions of protection and investigations.

You do not need to be a WAA member to attend this informative conference so if you know other auctioneers who want to be informed and learn from the best, please feel free to invite them.

Mark your calendar NOW for August 3rd!! You won't want to miss this! Registration details coming soon!