Written By:
Natalie Pratt | Wisconsin Auctioneers Association

The 2019 NAA "Day on the Hill" was a complete success! There were 25-30 auctioneers from around the country in Washington DC these last couple of days to advocate on behalf of the auction industry.

The first night we had a reception at the Rayburn Office building on Capitol Hill. Several Congressmen attended and enjoyed snacks and refreshments with us. After everyone had a chance to socialize, members of Congress took the time and spoke to our group.

If you would like to hear what they had to say, here is the video of them speaking:


On Thursday, I stopped past to drop off information and introduce myself at both Wisconsin Senator offices and all of the Wisconsin House members. I also had one on one meetings with several of them. The packets that I dropped off were put together by the NAA with information about what is important to the auction industry.

We were specifically advocating for support for the H.R. 1933 and the S. 2350 Bills: The Online Sales Simplicity and Small Business Relief Act.

The decision made by the Supreme Court of the United States in June 2018 in South Dakota vs. Wayfair changed the requirements for businesses to comply with an extremely diverse set of sales tax regulations.

States are now interpreting and writing laws regarding retro-activity and minimum thresholds for collection of sales tax. Thresholds vary from 50 cents to $500,000 and transactions vary from one to thousands.

For example, with the new Kansas law, if a bakery in Wisconsin mails a $10 cake to a customer in Kansas, they will now have to collect sales for Kansas, which requires them to obtain a business license, tax license, register with the Secretary of State and have a service agent in Kansas. This is true for anything sent to Kansas regardless of how small it is.

Both the House and the Senate bill set a limit on retro-activity and do not allow states to require remittance for transactions before June 18, 2018.

Both also add a small business exemption for businesses with less than $10,000,000 in gross receipts, until such a time as the states enact simplification of the burdens of collecting sales taxes through the Streamlined Sales Tax Process.

When meeting with Congressman Glenn Grothman today, he agreed, on the spot, to sign on to the bill as a co-sponsor. And he was going to do it immediately. He also stated several times his support of the auction industry.

Everyone I spoke with at the Capitol was very receptive and welcomed learning more about the auction industry. Overall, the event was very productive!