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Jason V. Bell Death Melby Funeral Home & Crematory Obituary, Bell, WAA Member News 05/14/2020
Annual Meeting Notice WAA Member News 01/21/2020
Eldon Schraepfer Obituary Saether Funeral Service Obituary, WAA President, WAA Member News, Schraepfer 01/07/2020
New Member Welcome Natalie Pratt | Wisconsin Auctioneers Association WAA Member News, Estate Auctions, Ford 10/03/2019
Brewers Game Natalie Pratt | Wisconsin Auctioneers Association WAA Member News 09/18/2019
September Member Spotlight: Matthew Lust Natalie Pratt | Wisconsin Auctioneers Association WAA Member News, Lust 09/16/2019
August Member Spotlight: Nick Cain WAA Member News, Real Estate 08/15/2019
From THe President's Desk Jeff Hines WAA Member News 08/13/2019
2019 Governor's Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction Livestock Auctions, Governor, WAA Member News, State Fair, Jones, Wisconsin 08/06/2019
Celebrating 50 years of the livestock auction at Washington County Fair Judy Etta Livestock Auctions, Wisconsin, History, WAA Member News, O'Brien, Hansen, Johnson 07/25/2019
July Member Spotlight: Nellie Beland WAA Member News, Certified Auctioneers Institute 07/15/2019
June Member Spotlight: Mark Oberholtzer WAA Member News, Livestock Auctions 06/15/2019
United States Secret Service Natalie Pratt | Wisconsin Auctioneers Association Conference, WAA Member News 06/12/2019
WAA Member Appointed as Trustee Natalie Pratt | Wisconsin Auctioneers Association WAA Member News, National Auctioneers Association, Packard 06/04/2019
Auctioneers are busy selling off failing Wisconsin dairy farms Bill Glauber, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel WAA Member News, Farm Auctions, Thiel, DSPS, Hines 05/28/2019
Hot Rods Have a Hot Time at Yoder Auction in Wisconsin John Gunnell WAA Member News, Auto Auctions, Yoder 05/23/2019
Going, going, gone. Auctioneer Pat O'Brien will be missed Colleen Kottke, Wisconsin State Farmer WAA Member News, O'Brien, Livestock Auctions 05/22/2019
Patrick O'Brien Obituary Twohig Funeral Home Obituary, WAA Member News, O'Brien 05/15/2019
Member Spotlight: Jennifer Holliday WAA Member News, Holliday 04/15/2019
Congratulations Scott Werlein and Mark Oberholtzer! Auctioneer, Contest, North Dakota, WAA Member News, Livestock Auctions, Werlein, Oberholtzer 02/07/2019
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