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Celebrating 50 years of the livestock auction at Washington County Fair Judy Etta Livestock Auctions, Wisconsin, History, WAA Member News, O'Brien, Hansen, Johnson 07/25/2019
Going, going, gone. Auctioneer Pat O'Brien will be missed Colleen Kottke, Wisconsin State Farmer WAA Member News, O'Brien, Livestock Auctions 05/22/2019
Patrick O'Brien Obituary Twohig Funeral Home Obituary, WAA Member News, O'Brien 05/15/2019
James O'Brien Obituary Published in Fond du Lac Reporter Obituary, WAA President, O'Brien 10/21/2015
New Direction: Koning Takes Over as President WAA President, Hall of Fame, Auxiliary, Koning, Hagemann, O'Brien, Slack, Thiel, McNamara, Schraepfer, Recognitions 02/01/2012
Auctions bid for right crowds Auctioneer, National Auctioneers Association, WAA Member News, Barrett, O'Brien, Potts 07/25/2004
Auction to feature online bidding Online Auctions, Hansen, Baseman, O'Brien 08/22/2001
Hansen new president of auctioneers' group WAA President, Board of Directors, Hall of Fame, Hansen, Sweeney, Cain, O'Brien, Betthauser, Gerlach, Ranft, Hill, Noble, Varney, Schroud 07/14/1999
Auctioneers say land sales taking new direction Farm Auctions, Board of Directors, Licensing, Conference, Clarke, Slack, Hansen, O'Brien, Massart, Theorin, Holler, Bickford, McGregor 06/28/1995
Professional auctioneers in Wisconsin Wisconsin, National Auctioneers Association, Board of Directors, Governor, O'Brien, Hill, Bieri, Holler, Lobbyist, Auctioneer Week 03/30/1995
Area Auctioneers attend convention Conference, Clarke, Teske, Jones, Lloyd, O'Brien 06/29/1986
Auctioneers attend state convention Conference, National Auctioneers Association, Clarke, Teske, Jones, Lloyd, O'Brien 06/26/1986
O'Brien Conference Attendees Conference, O'Brien 06/17/1977
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