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2019 Governor's Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction Livestock Auctions, Governor, WAA Member News, State Fair, Jones, Wisconsin 08/06/2019
Celebrating 50 years of the livestock auction at Washington County Fair Judy Etta Livestock Auctions, Wisconsin, History, WAA Member News, O'Brien, Hansen, Johnson 07/25/2019
Livestock auctioneers compete for international championship title in Alberta Jasmine Bala International Championship, Canada, Livestock Auctions, Championship, Contest 07/13/2019
John Reynolds Obituary Lulloff-Peterson-Houck Funeral Home Obituary, National Auctioneers Association, Livestock Auctions, Reynolds 06/26/2019
June Member Spotlight: Mark Oberholtzer WAA Member News, Livestock Auctions 06/15/2019
Going, going, gone. Auctioneer Pat O'Brien will be missed Colleen Kottke, Wisconsin State Farmer WAA Member News, O'Brien, Livestock Auctions 05/22/2019
2019 World Livestock Auctioneer Championship to be Hosted in California Livestock Marketing Association Livestock Auctions, California, Championship, Champion, Contest 05/02/2019
Proposal for Auctioneer Services Jim Matheson, Assistant Director National Bison Association Auctioneer, Livestock Auctions, Conference 04/02/2019
Congratulations Scott Werlein and Mark Oberholtzer! Auctioneer, Contest, North Dakota, WAA Member News, Livestock Auctions, Werlein, Oberholtzer 02/07/2019
Sailer's wins 'Best of Show' at Governor's meat auction Livestock Auctions, Champion, State Fair, WAA President, Governor, Johnson, Packard, Freymiller, Slack, Koning, Finley 08/16/2018
Livestock, meat products auctions raise money for ag youth State Fair, Livestock Auctions, Champion, Auctioneer, Hall of Fame, WAA President, Packard, Freymiller, Slack, Koning, Ringman, Finley 08/13/2018
Governor’s Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction: 1,377-pound Grand Champion Steer goes for $50K Katie DeLong State Fair, Livestock Auctions, Governor 08/10/2017
Wyttenbach Meats Named Best In Show State Fair, Champion, Livestock Auctions, Governor, Ringman, WAA President, Hall of Fame, Johnson, Finley, Allen, Miller, Freymiller, Werlein, Yoder, Slack 08/09/2017
30,000 calves sold in one day at Southern Alberta online auction Quinn Campbell Canada, Livestock Auctions, Online Auctions 09/11/2015
Upward Trend Koning, Governor, Livestock Auctions, State Fair 08/17/2011
Auctioneers hope contest is "Something Special" State Fair, Livestock Auctions, Championship, Contest, Slack, Miller 07/13/2011
Top livestock auctioneers compete in Wisconsin Wisconsin, Livestock Auctions, Contest 03/09/2011
Still Selling WAA Member News, Livestock Auctions, Hall of Fame, WAA President, Brandau 12/31/2008
Auctioneer legend: Bob Brandau marks four decades of selling Paul Medinger WAA Member News, Brandau, Livestock Auctions, Hill 12/01/2008
Bloomington auctioneers' contest a big hit Livestock Auctions, Championship, Contest, Iowa, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Slack, Montana 02/06/2008
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