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Robert “Bob” Brandau Obituary County Line Obituary, Brandau, Hill, Hall of Fame, National Auctioneers Association 12/10/2019
Sold! Auctioneers use voice Cassandra Colson Jackson County Chronicle Auctioneer, WAA Member News, Hill, Sund, Marg 08/16/2015
Auctioneer legend: Bob Brandau marks four decades of selling Paul Medinger WAA Member News, Brandau, Livestock Auctions, Hill 12/01/2008
Hansen new president of auctioneers' group WAA President, Board of Directors, Hall of Fame, Hansen, Sweeney, Cain, O'Brien, Betthauser, Gerlach, Ranft, Hill, Noble, Varney, Schroud 07/14/1999
Midwest's top auctioneer Minnesota, Championship, Livestock Auctions, Wisconsin, Johnson, Knudtson, Marg, Pronschinske, Rayome, Ritger, Winistorfer, Witte, Hill 02/18/1998
Kendall woman to head auctioneers association WAA President, Board of Directors, Hill, Marketing 07/20/1997
Auctioneers elect woman president Board of Directors, WAA President, Licensing, Women Auctioneers, Hill, Brandau, Theorin, Clarke, Sweeney, Slack, Hansen, Schroud, Massart, Bodell, Johnson 07/03/1996
Professional auctioneers in Wisconsin Wisconsin, National Auctioneers Association, Board of Directors, Governor, O'Brien, Hill, Bieri, Holler, Lobbyist, Auctioneer Week 03/30/1995
John Marg is selected to head state auctioneer group WAA President, Livestock Auctions, Conference, Marg, Appleman, Massart, Hill, Holler, Hines, Kramer 06/17/1992
Auctioneer bill gains support Licensing, Wisconsin, Huntzicker, Hill 02/07/1990
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