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Celebrating 50 years of the livestock auction at Washington County Fair Judy Etta Livestock Auctions, Wisconsin, History, WAA Member News, O'Brien, Hansen, Johnson 07/25/2019
Brief Legislative Update David Allen Allen, Hines, Siler, Lobbyist, Madison, DSPS, Jones, Miller, Hansen, Wagenson, Day on the Hill, Legislation 02/18/2019
Nitke sold to Hansen Auction Group The Country Today WAA Member News, Hansen 10/01/2018
Wisconsin Auctioneers Voices Ring in the Rotunda! Carol Wagenson Wisconsin, Day on the Hill, Madison, Lobbyist, Advocacy, Auctioneer Board, Jones, Thiel, Hansen, Markham-Gehl, Wagenson, Stockwell 03/20/2018
Believing in Auctions Champion, Contest, Wisconsin, Miller, State Fair, Packard, Hansen, Gill, Sund, Strey, Beland, Hall of Fame, Novice, Ringman 02/19/2014
Changing Industry Hall of Fame, WAA President, WAA Member News, Women Auctioneers, Auxiliary, Miller, Stockwell, Voigt, Wagenson, Hansen, Thiel, Packard, Freymiller, Hagemann 02/06/2013
Auctioneer group honors advertising manager Recognitions, Hansen 01/25/2006
Hansen places in top 15 Championship, National Auctioneers Association, Conference, WAA Member News, Hansen, Young 08/22/2004
Auctioneer group rejects name change National Auctioneers Association, Wisconsin, Conference, Hines, Hansen, Jones, Gerlach 07/21/2004
Going once, going twice... Young, Hansen, Wisconsin, Alabama, National Auctioneers Association, Arkansas, Georgia, Texas 07/15/2004
Theorin tops auctioneer contest Championship, Champion, State Fair, WAA President, National Auctioneers Association, International Championship, Theorin, International Championship, Teasdale, Hansen, Perkins, Rankin, Slack 08/20/2003
Give me 2, give me 3 Board of Directors, National Auctioneers Association, WAA Member News, Hansen 08/25/2001
Auction to feature online bidding Online Auctions, Hansen, Baseman, O'Brien 08/22/2001
Bieri is top auctioneer State Fair, Champion, Board of Directors, Bieri, Marketing, Espe, Slack, McGregor, Otto, Fiese, Filer, Hansen 08/16/2000
Hansen new president of auctioneers' group WAA President, Board of Directors, Hall of Fame, Hansen, Sweeney, Cain, O'Brien, Betthauser, Gerlach, Ranft, Hill, Noble, Varney, Schroud 07/14/1999
Auctioneers elect woman president Board of Directors, WAA President, Licensing, Women Auctioneers, Hill, Brandau, Theorin, Clarke, Sweeney, Slack, Hansen, Schroud, Massart, Bodell, Johnson 07/03/1996
Auctioneers say land sales taking new direction Farm Auctions, Board of Directors, Licensing, Conference, Clarke, Slack, Hansen, O'Brien, Massart, Theorin, Holler, Bickford, McGregor 06/28/1995
13th Annual Auction Hansen, WAA Member News 09/13/1966
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