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Save the Date Natalie Pratt | Wisconsin Auctioneers Association 70th Anniversary, Conference 03/29/2020
Brigitte Kruse, Co-Founder GWS Auctions to receive honor at MIMPA's Lady in Red Diamond Rose Awards Gail Q Gibson Women Auctioneers, California, Conference 12/20/2019
Murray’s Morris wins 1st int’l auctioneer title Special to The Ledger International Championship, Louisiana, National Auctioneers Association, Kentucky, Conference 07/16/2019
United States Secret Service Natalie Pratt | Wisconsin Auctioneers Association Conference, WAA Member News 06/12/2019
Proposal for Auctioneer Services Jim Matheson, Assistant Director National Bison Association Auctioneer, Livestock Auctions, Conference 04/02/2019
WAA Conference Recap Conference, Championship, Champion, Miller, Thiel, Stockwell, DSPS, Yoder, Markham-Gehl, Henry, Flesner, Krueger, Packard, Allen, Bunczak, Hines, Gavin, DuFour, Oberholtzer 02/01/2019
Wisconsin well represented at the 2018 State Leadership Conference Curt Kramer Board of Directors, Conference, Thiel, Allen, Markham-Gehl, Siler, Kramer, Kansas, National Auctioneers Association, South Dakota 03/10/2018
Renowned auctioneer Bob Hagemann gets inducted Conference, Hall of Fame, WAA President, WAA Member News, Hagemann 02/28/2018
Antique / Vintage Road Show & Social Kendall Thiel Conference, Baumann, Miller, Packard, Yoder 02/10/2018
2018 WAA Convention Review Christianne Williams Conference, Championship, Wisconsin, Hall of Fame, Auxiliary, WAA President, Board of Directors, Baumann, Rose, Siler, Miller, Yoder, Packard, Thiel, Strathe, Jones, Lulich, Oberholtzer, Mellem, Sund, Henry, Stockwell, George, Markham-Gehl, Zimmerman, Mentink, Allen, Hines, Massart, Kramer, Hagemann, Ranft, Gill, Werlein, Chuilli, Novice, Ringman 02/01/2018
Wagenson Elected as President of the Wisconsin Auctioneers Association WAA President, Wagenson, Conference, Women Auctioneers 02/01/2017
Conference to offer free antique appraisals Conference 01/20/2017
Hansen places in top 15 Championship, National Auctioneers Association, Conference, WAA Member News, Hansen, Young 08/22/2004
Auctioneer group rejects name change National Auctioneers Association, Wisconsin, Conference, Hines, Hansen, Jones, Gerlach 07/21/2004
Women auctioneers bid for buyers Conference, WAA Member News, Baumann, Women Auctioneers, Blakeley, Jones, National Auctioneers Association 07/12/2004
Seminar addresses specialty auctions Conference, Real Estate, Livestock Auctions, Marg, Reineck, Massart, Online Auctions 06/27/2001
First auctioneer calling contest Conference, Contest, Auctioneer, Championship, Wisconsin 12/15/1999
Bill Cain of Bill Cain Auction Conference, Board of Directors, Cain 02/10/1999
State auctioneers honor Massarts Conference, Hall of Fame, Auxiliary, Massart, Women Auctioneers, Governor 09/03/1996
Auctioneers say land sales taking new direction Farm Auctions, Board of Directors, Licensing, Conference, Clarke, Slack, Hansen, O'Brien, Massart, Theorin, Holler, Bickford, McGregor 06/28/1995
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