Join us to advocate on behalf of WAA and its issues in the State Capitol. Meet with your local lawmakers and educate them on WAA issues. Be part of the “Selling in the Round” Auction in the Capitol Rotunda.

This day is to promote relationship building with your LEO’s  (Local Elected Officials).  Some of our Association members already have strong relationships with the Local Elected Officials, however some also need to enhance or initiate the relationship.

We encourage each of you to schedule an appointment with your Senators and Representatives, (or staff).  At 11:45 we will meet in the rotunda and do a brief program about the Auction Industry and some chanting.

This visit is about building relationships between state officials and the auction professional.  We look forward to seeing you in Madison

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers will be welcoming our WAA members to the capitol. He will also be presenting the Thiel family with a commendation for their 100 years in business. The governor will remain for 15 minutes for anyone wanting photos or just to meet him and say hi.

We NEED participation from all members...
  ...and Wisconsin licensees who have an interest in becoming a member.

To make the Day on the Hill successful, we encourage you to:      
  • Clear your calendar for April 18th (and the day before if you need to for travel)
  • Contact fellow auctioneers in your area to encourage participation (possible carpool)
  • Contact your Representative’s office to let them know that the WAA will be visiting Madison on April 18th
  • Contact our office at to let us know that you will participate in the event.


9:00 am - Arrive at the State Capitol in Room 425 SW
9:15 am - Overview of talking points
9:30 am - Governor Arrives - Thiel Presentation with Meet and Greet
10:00 am - Appointments with Legislators
11:45 am - Gather in the State Capitol Rotunda
12:00 pm - Brief program regarding the auction industry; end with "selling in the round"
12:45 pm - More Legislative appointments if necessary



Be part of the “Selling in the Round” Auction in the Capitol Rotunda.